The Anacondas

In Memoriam Messerschmitt Marzl 1964-2005

Marcel in the Paradiso, AmsterdamWe are very sorry to give you this terrible news. Our good friend and drummer Marcel van der Linden, better known as Messerschmitt Marzl, passed away in his hometown Amsterdam in the early morning of Tuesday October 18th 2005 at the age of 41 from the consequences of an internal bleeding in his lung system.
Marzl was with us since the beginning of The Anacondas in 2000 and can be heard an all recordings we made during our existence.
We wish his girlfriend and soulmate Babette, his 8 year old son Gijs and everyone else who learned to love him during his life all the strenghth they need to carry on.
We're gonna miss his humor, his straight in the face opinions, his talented drumming skills and everything else what was so wonderful about this guy.
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Johnny Torpedo - Jack Stuka - Pete Python, Amsterdam October 20th 2005

Johnny Torpedo - 20 October '05 - 19:58 - 91 waves