The Anacondas

The Anacondas play again !

Queensday in Amsterdam attracts the lot to our beautiful city and The Anacondas played again. We played two outstanding gigs in honour of Messerschmitt Marzl and introducing our new drummer Woody Sticks. The first concert was at a popfestival held by the Cantine, a friendly place at The Oostelijke Handelskade. A great line up of mostly Amsterdam based bands who recorded at The Yland studios. Many people showed up. The Anacondas played a relaxed and mellow set which could not reach its climax because halfway we had to stop already. Jack Stuka can not time the lenght of a setlist. When we are allowed to play only 45 minutes, Jack comes up with sets of two hours. Which worked well at the second gig of the day at cafe the Kade 58 in the west of town. The Kade was filled with friends so after a small meal and some whiskey The Anacondas rocked tha place. Two hours of adrenaline drenched Instru-Mental. The crowd was great and it was a great honour to play again with kick ass drummer Woody. Thanks for the photos Onno Petersen and Hessie.

Johnny Torpedo

Woody Sticks

Pete Python


Johnny Torpedo - 04 May '06 - 23:12 - four waves