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Sarah's Movin' to Berlin

Just a couple of days to go to play at Sarah's Goodbye Party. Sarah's been our friend for a couple of jears now, and we'll never forget all the wild parties she gave in her student years. We'd be jammin' at her first party, and now we're gonna rock her last Dutch party in Leiden.
Sarah, you can move but you can't escape. We'll be playin' in Berlin again soon, so see you around.
PS: Check the pictures section for some evil action.
Guten abend

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Sorry, show got canceled

We'd like to apologize to anyone who went to the Stubnitz to find out the show was cancelled due to fire hazard restrictions by the local m.f. police after all. We weren't able to send out any e-mails an' all, cause we heard the news just a couple of hours before the party would have started. We were already on our way to pick up our stuff at the rehearsel studio in our rented van. Damn! We went to Pete Python's crib to drink away the sorrow wih his newest addition of obscure home made Tsjech apricot brandy. Luckily, next day we had to play at the "Cruise Inn" in Amsterdam so we just finished what we started this week-end. We opened up for The Shavers. Although 3/4 of The Anacondas still suffered from hangovers we played our set way beyond coolness. We sweatened out the poison and got all sobered up to listen to The Shavers. They got a minimal line-up with drums, guitar and vocals (sometimes they added another guitar player), but they sure are something else. Hard rocking garage with all Dutch lyrics combined with Link Wray style instrumentals made this a night to remember. Thanks to all the fine folks involved at the Cruise Inn for your hospitality. The Shavers (they're from North-Holland) are doing their farewell tour, so check them out while you got the chance. They just do a few shows before they call it a day, like in IJmuiden (Witte Theater-with Peter Pan Speedrock), Alkmaar (Atlantis) and Heerhugowaard. Go for it or you might regret it for the rest of your life...
Hey, we added some pictures at the "Pictures" page of this site. They were shot at the so called "666" party by Isabel Nabuur. Like many more real men in rock 'n' roll show business, we like to put on our make-up. See grown up men gettin' dolled up for the show. The pictures of the actual live show are gonna be posted soon on this web site, so stay tuned!
Everybody come on

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Night Boat To Cairo

The Amsterdam Beat Club party "Night Boat To Cairo" is definately confirmed on the 8th of September (this Friday on the Stubnitz boat in North Amsterdam). There were rumours the Stubnitz couldn't make it to Amsterdam, but they got it all together now. For more information on the exact location check the Beat Club site (at "Links").

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