The Anacondas

I.M. Messerschmitt Marzl (1964-2005)

Last Wednesday, October 18th; it was already one year ago our first drummer died (and besides "our first drummer" a very good and special friend). It's been a crazy year with lot's of things going on in our personal lives. Goin' on, not to forget what'd happened but to enjoy what is left, and there's really much enough left. Also what's left is Marcels spirit: stayin' independant but true, stayin' creative and keep it fun. Marcel wasn't born yesterday but left us too soon..
Here's some pictures we posted at the "Pictures" section.
To remember Marzl.

dirk - 21 October '06 - 00:26 - two waves

Marzl in America

The "rockumantery" Marzl in America will be shown at the local Amsterdam television station A1 on wednesday October 18th, at 22.00 and saturday October 21, also at 22.00 h. Presented by "Bellissima".
Marzl in America is filmed by Fred and Gert-Jan during our U.S. tour in 2003. Produced by Maas in 2005.
The Anacondas' first drummer Messerschmitt Marzl is starring in this movie while on the road through the States.

dirk - 16 October '06 - 23:16 - 1 big wave


Here we are standin' in front of the "world famous" Bob's Java Jive" during our USA summer tour 2003. It's one of those typical American diners that were shaped in spectacular forms (very fashionable before the Second World War). Tacoma was such an incredible experience to us; I bought some records at a local record shop for a couple of dollars, like old The Ventures, Martin Denny, Lex Baxter and more exotica albums in near mint condition. Later that evening we played in the small ballroom of the Java Jive---- more soon![!-- error: could not popup ../anacondas.jpg. File does not exist --]

dirk - 11 October '06 - 23:29 - 34 waves