The Anacondas

Queen's Day 2007

Hey, did you have such a blast at Queen's Day like we did? Well, I guess you did, huh?! In the afternoon we played at "De Bakkerij" (Castricum, NH) during their open air festival. This was very special; we met a lot of old friends and family (three Anacondas grew up in the Castricum region). In the evening we rocked the "Kade 58" (like we did last year) in good old Amsterdam-West. At the Kade we had to play our set almost twice to satisfy the demanding swingin' crowd.
We got some shows comin' up in Ireland in May and we posted some new pictures on this site, and you can watch a The Anacondas live clip, so be sure to check the chaptures for information.
Thanks to Jasper (De Bakkerij), Robin (Kade 58), Ir Vendermeulen and Olga Westrate.

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