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The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part One

Hey, we just got back from the tour we did through Germany and Tsjech Republic. At first we intended to give you a sort of daily news about our trip, but we didn't see much computers around. Here's the full story anyway.
Friday Oct. 12th, after a six hour drive we got to Leipzig, East Germany. Ever since I was in my first band De Leipies I wanted to play that town, and here we are... Another dream come true! Leipzig is a pretty big town, and there's a lot of those big classic houses and wharehouses which are unoccupied. The Ancondas played at the 'Zoro', one of those big squats wich you see pretty much here around this area. You don't have 'em in Amsterdam anymore, that's for sure...
Opening up for us were the Sad Neutrino Bitches, a Crypt Records style trash punk trio from Jena (BRD). After their cool and hysteric set The Anacondas let loose their hard hitting surf tunes before an unsuspecting audience. Even the hardcore punx were dancing to our tunes. Everyone seemed satisfied, so the promoter tipped us off extra with a big bottle of Tullamore's Dew. Way to go Leipzig!

- To be continued

Breakfast at Zoro

Our luxury hotel, Le Zoro

Woody and Johnny relaxin

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Get in the Van

Yes, tomorrow is a big day. Get in the van and goin' on the road again. The Anacondas are on tour through eastern Germany and Tsjech republic, so check the Tour Dates for the final scedule. For those who aren't able to see us live: we try to keep up a tour diary at this website, where you can read all about our fights, adventures and rock star attitudes.
See you later!

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