The Anacondas

The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part Six

Pete and Johnny had a good night sleep at Thom's (Calaveras' drummer) place. We picked up the rest of the gang and headed on to Rostock, a town in the north of eastern Germany (Friday Oct. 19). It was a long ride with traffic jams and an almost empty gas tank. Nervously we cruised through villages, trying to find a gas station. When the traffic cooled down we had a relaxed ride listening to cool music and playing stupid quizz games, while an Indian Summer Red sundown colored the sky..
In Rostock we played with the Calaveras in "Jaz", a nice underground club. Both bands played at their best and later on it was party time again. One of the good things playing at German clubs is, you always get this never ending beer stash..

The next day (Sat. Oct 20) we went back to Amsterdam. A long ride home, but we got back in time to watch the rugby world championship finale between South-Africa and England. After that we walked to the Westerpark to see Calaveras at the Pacific Park club. We'd set up this show for them and I gotta say they're totally ready for Amsterdam 'cause they really delivered. The audience got almost ecstatic and the Calaveras sold more CD's than on any of their shows.
Alright folks, that was it, We'd like to thank the Calaveras, the promoters and all the people at the clubs we played at.

Light at at end of tunnel

Calaveras drawing

Going to Rostock sundown

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The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part Five

On Thursday, Oct. 18th we went back to Chemnitz with the Calaveras. We had to play together at the "Atomino". The Anacondas played at the Atomino before (Dec. 29, 2005, a very cold day), but that was on a different location. The all new Atomino is situated in a fancy location right in the middle of Chemnitz. The club was packed when we kicked off the show.

Our first drummer Marzl is in our memory always when we're playing, and we specially dedicated this show to Messerschmitt Marzl, for it was exactly 2 years ago when he died (see archives at the bottom of this News page: October 2005).

It was a "home-match" for Calaveras and they proofed that their sound is very suitable for bigger stages too. When you're at the back of the club, and we were quite often there, cause there's where the bar is with the free drinks for us, you can't see much of the band, 'cause most of Calaveras always play while siting down on chairs. But they made up by playing excellent music, and were also a good reason to get in front of the stage.
- To be continued

The Anacondas

Calaveras bass player crib

One of Thoms snare drums

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The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part Four

At Tuesday, Oct. 16 we went off to our favorite country the Tsjech Republic, where the girls are cute and the beer is cheap. The Calaveras went with us to our home base for the next two days: Pete Python's mother-in-law's country cottage, down a small village near Domaslice town. Hanging out there was really cool. Though the nights were cold, at day the sun was shining. We were lucky with the weather since day one... At night we played at the club "Jazz Rock Caffe". We scored some weed from a local kid, and got real high later on back home while we laughed our asses off watching "This is Spinal Tap". For those of us who just came back to earth: Spinal Tap is this great pitiful, wanna be important rock stars band who just can't succeed in rock show-business no matter how hard they try. Now here's some link with The Anacondas, I hear you think, but there's not. We don't try hard!
The next day our lovely Tsjech tour manager Simone took us to the town where modern culture originated: Pilsen. The Pilsener style brew even now still plays a big part in our daily spiritual -and musical- inspiration. The Calaveras and The Anacondas played after a tremendous meal at some local student club. There wasn't really a big crowd, but the lucky ones who showed up realized they were experiencing something special and showed us their respect by yelling: "BGztchiGhelnikeggimmts!!" Which means something like: "You are great, mister Anacondas!"
- To be continued

Calaveras and Anacondas 07

Hanging at our Tsjech crib

Smoking does not look cool

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The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part Three

Monday,Oct 15th. We picked up the fellows of Calaveras at their practice room in Chemnitz. We were excited to meet them, 'cause we had to put up with these guys for the next 5 shows. The first show of that row was in Zittau at the Emil. The Anacondas was the first band that night. After that the Calaveras played; I've heard some tracks from their CD so I kinda knew what to expect, but what I've seen here totally blew me away... They're a seven piece band from Chemnitz, East-Germany, playing totally cool spaghetti-western orientated Americana. Something like a cross between Calexico, The Sadies and Hank Williams. Besides their great musical capabilities, they're sympathetic "no problemo" kinda guys. How cool these people may seem, how bad drivers they were for they almost wrecked their van just by parking it... Our promotors did a good job to hook us up together for the rest of the tour.

Calaveras live Zittau

Johnny reading his fav mag

Calaveras live Zittau

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The Anacondas on tour, Oct. 2007 - Part Two

Initially we didn't have a show the second day of the tour. We had breakfast at the Zoro with the Sad Neutrino Bitches, who did have a gig in Schwarzbergen. The Bitches made some phonecalls with the promoter of the "Beat Bar", the club they'd be playing that night; made a last minute arrangement for The Anacondas, and off we went to Schwarzbergen near the Tsjech border. Before the show we crossed the border to get cigarettes and food in Tsjech Republic, which is way cheaper over there. Later at the Beat Bar (a big squat) we kicked off at a four band set up. Though the audience seemed to be more or less punk orientated, they all fell for the live energy of The Anacondas and responded with some wild moshin' and stompin'.
The next morning we continued our "Magical Mystery Tour" and drove off to Chemnitz to play at the famous "Subway to Peter" bar. We were hangin' out near the club when the owner arrived. It was like: "Hey we're The Anacondas and we are comin' to play tonight." This guy seemed to be really surprised; turned out our booker missed some e-mails and hadn't really confirm the show... The Subway's got live bands every day, but just on this Sunday the band who'd come up (instead of The Anacondas) cancelled their show. So he booked us right away and it was time for The Anacondas to rock the joint.
- To be continued


Beat Bar Schwarzbergen


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