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Club Hell

Hell yeah, we survived the "Club Hell" party (a benefit for rock 'n' roll bar De Diepte, which had to close down recently because of huge debts).

Some De Diepte regulars couldn't cope with the great loss of their favorite hangout and organized this big 9 band line-up last Monday at the Amsterdam "pop temple" Paradiso. The stage was divided into 2 sections, when one band was playing on the left side, another band was getting their gear ready at the right side of the stage, the performing band at the time being highlighted. So all the bands could play non-stop; when one band finished their set in half an hour, the next band played on several minutes later to get their half hour of fame.

The first band, Pek & Veren, were some local youngsters warming up the audience with their pretty decent punk rock grunge. Later on we heared them complainin' in the dressing room about the bad stage sound, but it wasn't really that awful what these longhairs delivered. Besides that, performing live in Holland's best music club at such an early age is something to be proud of...

The Anacondas featuring Ir. Vendermeulen on sax played somewhere in the middle of the line-up. It was really cool, some people said we were the best band. But like an old Dutch saying goes: In the Land of the Blind, One Eye is King.

Johnny Torpedo - 18 December '07 - 23:04 - two waves

Eastern Promises

Wow, we just came back from the new David Cronenberg mafia feature: Eastern Promises. A great suspense thriller with plenty of gore! Be sure to check it out.
Well, what else is new... We got some shows coming up to get you hot on these cold December nights. Check the tour dates section!
And we're going to release an The Anacondas / Calaveras split 7" vinyl early 2008. Our recording of "Wolf Creek", a western-movie influenced track written by Johnny Torpedo, is gonna be on The Anacondas side.
There is also some new pictures at the Pictures chapter. We dare you to see it.
We wish you a rockin' X-mas!

Wolf Creek cover option


Eastern Promises poster

Johnny Torpedo - 16 December '07 - 01:49 - Leave a comment.