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We were on El Ray 's website lately, where we read the terrible news about El Kido. El Kido died of cancer earlier this year after a 3 month struggle.
El Ray is a great surf band from Copenhagen, Denmark. We had the chance to play with them here in Amsterdam a couple of years ago, and we always went to their shows when they were around touring. El Kido wasn't a loud talker, but a real nice guy, and when he was on stage he was a wild and enthousiastic bassplayer. Born in 1981, his life was unfortunately way too short. The guys from El Ray were able to say a last goodbye.
"Oh, thank god we all said goodbye to Kido. He was sick for aprox. 3 months, and we followed him the whole way. In the end he died at my work, a Hospice in Copenhagen, So I saw alot off him and his family. I think its terrible, and yet a good reminder for all of us. I hope Marzl and Kido have united the Anacondas and El Ray somewhere...", El Firetone (lead gituirast) says.
El Ray will continue as a three piece and will release a new CD this year. They just got signed to a new label.
At this moment I am listening to their classic album Tick Tick Tick. "Great to see you here", El Kido wrote at he back of my copy. We're all gonna miss him...

El Kido


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Hang on in there

Well, hi there! Though in the south of Europe it is still summer, here in Amsterdam summer's gone and it is raining every day.
Our favorite soccer teams "Ajax" and "AZ" lost their first competition duels and the Dutch national team kinda sucks too. Pretty soon the leaves will fall off the trees... Boohoo.

But wait, before you reach for the Prozac it is good to know The Anacondas will help you get through those dark autumn nights with some promising shows, like one on that cool German ship the "Stubnitz" (september). Also in one of the neatest clubs in town "Pacific Parc" together with the seven bastard sons of Ennio Morricone: the Calaveras from Chemnitz, Germany (october). And don't miss our gig we're gonna do during one of the famous "Burlesque" shows at the "Comedy Theater" (november). Be sure to check the "Tour Dates" every now and then.

If these upcoming performances won't cheer you up, no one can help you anymore.


Stubnitz 18 september

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