The Anacondas


Last weekend the Calaveras from Chemnitz, DE came over to do some shows in here in North Holland.
Friday night the Pacific Parc (Amsterdam) was packed for the Calaveras and The Anacondas show. It was the kick-off for a great weekend. The show went very well and was great fun.

The next day Woody flew off to exotic Indonesia were he would learn strange pounding drum rythms from ancient tribes, if he's not sipping cocktails in his hammock.
That saturday happened to be Johnnies birthday too, he and 2 friends threw a big party at Ralfonso's place with dee-jays and two live bands: Blind Bob & the Grillplates (Dr Bikini's side project) and thee Calaveras! Man, people still talking 'bout that party.
Sunday we went to Hoorn, where Calaveras would play at the cozy "Swaf" club. The stage is small but has a good setting. The sound was amazing there, it was one of the best Calaveras shows we experienced.

Well, if you missed all that, you gotta wait till June 2009 for the next The Anacondas / Calaveras tour.
Hey, we got some new goofy band photos on the site, and two great shows comin' up in November. Don't forget to check it all out.

Logo Swaf

Outside Ralfonsos house

Anacondas and Calaveras

Johnny Torpedo - 08 October '08 - 22:37 - 1 big wave