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The Anacondas are young and arty

Some weekends ago we spend our evenings remixing our upcoming album. Hearing and mixing the tracks over and over again, but what a blast! Woody and Peter (from the Yland Studio) did the mastering last monday, so the new CD -which got a 'space age' theme- is getting ready for take-off!

Here's some titles of the tracks: Soul Stomp, Bad Buzz, La Dansa de los Muertes, Hopped Up Rocket, Cannibal, Surfari, Sacrifice, Casbah etc.
14/15 tracks in total. Most originals, some covers.

Last saturday we did a show at the Young Art Festival in Beverwijk. The festival was a cool happening, with lots of theatre and live music.
Set in the open air in this beautiful park The weather was nice... It was a night to remember. It was extremely cool to see our old friends and family again.
Maybe we can team up again when The Anacondas play the 'Instuif' on the beach of Wijk Aan Zee (near Beverwijk) august the first.
See ya,

IJland studio interior

IJland studio bar

Young Art festival girls

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Mexican skeletons

The Anacondas did a mini-tour to Germany where we got to meet Calaveras at the mighty "Atomino" club (Chemnitz) and one day later we played at the supercool 'White Trash Fastfood" in Berlin.
This place is awesome: a Chinese restaurant setting, a garage-band cellar, there's even a tattoo parlor.
All these extras didn't distract The Anacondas, cause we simply did what we came for: to rock da place of course.
Look for the Pictuers later on this site. We'd like to thank the Calaveras and Sarah B. for their help.

We got fired from our label Sonic Rendezvous records.
So that means we have to find another label to release our latest album, which drummer Woody Stix is re-mixing at the moment.
We added the crazy voices of Steve Korver (Canadian wrter/journalist living in Amsterdam) and his friend Caty on some tracks.
The Anacondas' (featuring Steve) workout on "Hopped Up Mustang" by Arlen Sanders is gonna be just great.

The Anacondas managed to get a E3000,- government fund for producing a video clip of one of our new album tracks.
It's gonna be a stop-motion animation flick made by Aart Kramer (camera) and Arlet (art direction).
With Mexican skeletons all around!

White Trash Fast Food

White Trash Fast Food

White Trash Fast Food

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