The Anacondas

Rocket Cinema

The Anacondas did the final mixes and mastering for their upcoming album called: Lost in the Space Age (or Bad Buzz, we're not really sure yet). Right now we're working on the record sleeve, which will contain artwork by Amsterdam photographer and filmer Rene Nuyens. We still haven't found a label for release, but we're in it much too far, so it's got to come out.
One of the album tracks "La Danza de los Muertos" is accompanied by a crazy video clip directed by Aart Kramer.

The Anacondas will perform at the "Rocket Cinema" festival on October 29 in Amsterdam.
During this festival old monster movies will be shown at different locations through out the city for a week.
Several bands and dee-jays (including The Anacondas) are making a new score for these movies. The Anacondas' film music for "King Kong versus Godzilla" (Japan, 1963) can be experienced live during the screening, with the help of Ir Vendermeulen (sax & theremin) and Juan Pablo Pepito (percussion). Not to be missed! More info at "Tour Dates".

Oh no there goes Tokyo

Japanese movie poster

Godzilla and King Kong

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