The Anacondas

The Anacondas on Tour

The Anacondas will be on tour from april 30th until may 8 and will hit cities like Stuttgart, Erfurt and Berlin.
The trip will be kicked off at the Queens Day festival in Castricum. Watch the Tour Dates for more info.

Our upcoming 3rd album "Bad Buzz - Lost In The Space Age" will be released end of May/beginning June.
It took a long time to release it, cause we had to do everything by ourselves, which is way beyond our league. It will be put out on CD, MP3 and vinyl on our own new label Surfgalactic International.
Cool pictures by renowned Amsterdam photographers Rene Nuyens (artwork) and Isabel Nabuurs (band pictures) will be all over the cover.
We're planning a big release party, so stay tuned!
Below a sneak preview of the stuff we used.

Also watch out for a full time King Kong versus Godzilla live soundtrack show in Amsterdam-north soon! All organized by the fine folks of Amsterdam Beat Club. Check out Tour Dates every now and then.

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Johnny Torpedo - 08 April '10 - 22:50 - Surf's up!