The Anacondas

The origins of Bad Buzz...

Now here's a story that touches the stars. By some quirk of fate, The Anacondas got their hands on recordings of the wrap party thrown by the cast and crew of the faked moon landing (the one that was covered up when the real moon landing actually worked out). Since the recording was so damaged, the band decided to recreate the songs themselves. It involved a lot of painstaking work in small, dark, enclosed spaces. But the finished results are an almost perfect replica of a deeply strange and rocking night at the dawn of the Space Age, featuring:
* The rhythmic Freudian undertones behind humanity's quest for the stars!
* The ranting and vocal stylings of Bad Buzz, the b-actor desert casualty who played astronaut Buzz Aldrin!
* An intergalactic surf as Barbarella's bitch as she takes on Major Tom!

In many ways, Bad Buzz is a political album. It speaks of a time, when the Space Age was a democratic concept available to all, while now unfortunately it's just a fantasy that only billionaires can enjoy. But thanks to The Anacondas, we can now re-live an era when the cosmos was still a dream available to the masses. Surrender to the sounds of the Space Age. A shining glittering dance party of hope – a one way elevator-ride to the stars……

Hereby The Anacondas invite you to the Vinyl Presentation of

Bad Buzz- Lost in the Space Age.

– Paradiso, november 6th, 22.00

 Yours sincerely,
Tad ‘Niragag’ Waterson
Owner/Operator at Surfgalactic International Corp.

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